Construction Innovations’ patented ZipRing® is a highly-durable, lower cost alternative to nylon zip ties or metal wire management clips. The ZipRing® is available in different variations and sizes to suit the needs of your project.

Nylon zip ties can become brittle and snap in certain climates. The ZipRing® conforms to UL Standard 2239 for the support of cable, made from extremely tough stainless steel, and has superior corrosion resistance, increasing plant design life.

The ZipRing® is strong enough to support the weight of the wires while maintaining neatness, minimizing the need for both clips and zip ties, resulting in less material and less installation effort overall.

The ZipRing® is easily installed with one swift motion. Just loop it around the wires, then attach it to the module frame or the torque tube. There’s no threading or long tails to clip.

Patent No. D940541, D945864, D945253

US Listed Control #5015023