Lean Transformation + Consulting Services

Transform your company into a high performing organization.

Our consulting services are designed for CEOs and their leadership teams who strive to take their organizations to the next level. Our team believes that improving construction efficiencies requires true transformational change. There is no hunt for the Silver Bullet, just working smarter employing advanced methodology. Our services assist in transforming your company into a high performing organization, incorporating such concepts as: significant off site fabrication; strategic material packaging and staging; lean manufacturing processes; Design for Manufacturability, Assembly and Installation (DFMAI); BIM and moving away from the piece price mentality.

Our transformational consulting focuses first on shifting a company’s culture, followed by introducing new innovative concepts that build on short term wins. The primary scope of work is typically customized to our client’s specific products and services.

We adhere to a model that improves construction pre-planning with a purpose of driving standardization into your company’s products and services, a methodology generally known as DFMAI. Through standardization of a company’s output, the window of opportunity to create cost savings and efficiencies is opened and your company can shift from being entirely project-focused to being product-focused, allowing for efficiencies through scale.


  • Procurement of materials can be done in bulk across all projects providing greater buying power.
  • Inventory levels are reduced throughout the organization improving cash flow.
  • Standard assemblies can be mass produced in bulk reducing labor costs.
  • Standard installation packages can be created reducing material handling and lost time.
  • The quality of installation in the field becomes more consistent and reliable.