Misty Fogerty

Operations Manager

  • Who is your role model? My role model is not a person, but an ideal. The famous and not so famous people that have pushed the boundaries of what is considered normal. People that motivate and challenge others to be their best and to do their best. 
  • What quote do you live by? “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” Laura Ulrich
  • If you could have a superpower, what would it be? It would be lovely to be able to control time.
  • What is your favorite thing about your job? I absolutely love that I am able to work with all departments.
  • What is your favorite food? I can live on Starbucks’ chai tea lattes, brownies, & croissants.
  • What movie have you seen nearly a hundred times? Chocolat & Kung Fu Hustle.
  • What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working? In spring & summer, I spend a lot of time in my garden. In fall & winter, I spend a lot of time sewing, knitting & baking.